What is Bella Citta Solid Hardwood Flooring?

Antique and vintage hardwood floors have been rising in popularity over the last few years. Bella Citta Solid Hardwood Flooring has taken this trend to the next level with their refined yet classically beautiful floors. As opposed to the industry standard polyurethane or aluminum oxide finishes, Bella Citta uses an oil-based finish, a premium in the flooring world that imparts a designer quality appeal to those who want the rustic charm of hardwood floors.

Bella Citta Solid Hardwood Flooring Applications

Solid Hardwood flooring is almost certainly the most popular hard surface flooring throughout most of the united states, and has been for decades. This is due in part to the natural beauty of most of the popular species, like maple flooring or american black walnut flooring. These solid foors usually come in 3/4″ thickness and can be resanded to prolong its natural beauty. Its not uncommon for solid hardwood floors to last much longer than other types of flooring.

Bella Citta Solid Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your hardwood flooring will greatly increase the time you have to spend with your beautiful floor. Prefinished solid hardwood flooring requires only basic normal care, such as laying area rugs at your entryways to remove dirt and small rocks from your footwear, as well as a regular mopping with a simple push mop. Homeowners should avoid using abrasive chemicals and instead focus on basic preventative care to ensure their floors keep their lustrous design.

Eventually, you may be interested in refinishing your solid hardwood floor. Good news – Solid hardwood flooring can be resanded, usually many times, during its long lifespan.

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