The Benefit of Installing Thick USA Flooring

There are plenty of variables when it comes to hardwood flooring. As the flooring industry becomes more and more advanced it seems like manufacturers are adding more bells and whistles to their products. This one has special Float ‘n Glyde Installation Technology or this floor was produced entirely from Lily Pads. Well, these examples may be improbable (or impossible) but you see my point. While many flooring attributes can seem negligible there are some that should be carefully scrutinized in order to get the most out of your flooring purchase. In this post I’ll just briefly cover one such attribute, and that would be the thickness of hardwood flooring.

The thickness of hardwood flooring is one of the most often overlooked hardwood flooring attribute and it really shouldn’t be. The width of hardwood flooring directly correlates with how long it will last. There are hardwood floors that were installed hundreds of years ago that are still in fine condition today. That’s because hardwood flooring can be refinished and renewed several times. When hardwood flooring becomes damaged or just starts to look old, it can be sanded down to fresher wood beneath. Then the wood is finished and coated to look like new. The number of times a floor can be refinished directly relates to its width. Each time a floor is refinished about 1/32 of an inch is removed from the flooring. So, if you had 3/4 inch hardwood floors with a 5/16 inch wear layer how many times could you have them refinished? It’s cool, I’ll wait for you to get a pencil and paper. Remember to show your work! It’s OK, I got it (with a calculator). This means that if you purchased 3/4 inch hardwood floors, you could have them refinished about 7-8 times. Which is a lot. Naturally, there are several factors to take into account. In many cases it may be easier and less expensive to just replace any damaged boards professionally. Because it is such an ordeal and because of its cost hardwood floors aren’t refinished that often. But it’s a great option and you should be aware of the effect it can have on your floor.

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